DASH covers the top social media trends you’ll want to implement now.

by Shannon Hinderberger

You’ve probably heard the chatter that social media is dead, but let’s get one thing straight – it’s not quite that black and white. Social media has transformed, and if you’re not keeping up with the latest trends, you might think it’s a sinking ship. But fear not, because I’m here to guide you through the shifts that can make social media work wonders for your brand in 2024.

The New Face of Social Media: Less Aesthetic, More Authentic

We’ve come a long way from the days of stuffing the first comment with 30 hashtags on Instagram or dancing exclusively on TikTok. It’s time to shift our focus from aesthetics to authenticity. Our first prediction for 2024 social media is that you’ll see more of a shift to being who you are, and everyone embracing their authentic selves on social media. 

Video: Embracing Vulnerability Over Perfection

Have you ever wondered why people are so drawn to ‘Get Ready with Me’ content (GRWM)? It’s because it feels real and relatable. Creators open up and show their vulnerability, discarding the strict rules of the Instagram aesthetic. They invite you into their lives, offering a genuine, in-depth experience that makes you feel like you’re right there with them.

TikTok is at the forefront of this content revolution, leading the way for trends that eventually land on Instagram Reels. The vibe is like a FaceTime call with your best friend – casual, laid-back, and driven by off-the-cuff storytelling. It’s the new wave of edutainment (that’s education and entertainment) mixed with thought leadership in social media content strategy.

Storytelling with a Twist

In the world of storytelling, it’s time to embrace a little disorder to keep your audience engaged until the very end of your video. Remember, watch time is everything, and we need to keep our viewers hooked. So think about storytelling and ways you can keep your audience watching until the end.

Messy Meets Cringy: Where Authenticity Shines

It’s a ‘done is better than perfect’ world for messy and cringy content creators. Brands that embrace this authenticity are thriving. Sometimes, the less polished, the better. Just watch – if you embrace this done is better than perfect mantra, you’ll find yourself publishing more content, more often. 

AI Integrations: Early Adopters Take the Lead

Artificial intelligence is making its mark, simplifying tasks and offering alternative ways to express ideas. Tools like Metricool, Canva, Asana, and Grammarly are hot with integrations. But when you are writing content for marketing, be careful to always give it the human test. Do not overuse terms like ‘unleash’ and ‘unlock.’ AI won’t replace originality, and Google can spot it if it’s being used excessively. More importantly, your audience will cringe at a voice that sounds fake. 

UGC Content Creators vs. Influencers: The Distinction

While the term UGC (user-generated content) may not be my favorite acronym, it’s here to stay. Brands often mix it up with influencers, but they’re not the same. UGC content creators offer more affordable content, and brands post it. The budgets are smaller, but the content feels genuine and less produced. The key is to maintain that relatable feel.

SEO and Keywords: The New Hashtags

SEO is no longer limited to Google. Gen Z is searching TikTok before Google these days. It’s crucial to optimize both TikTok and Instagram for success. Know your keywords on TikTok, use the in-app search function, and apply those keywords to your on-screen text, social media copy, and hashtags.

Embracing Messy Content for Authenticity

Have you ever been captivated by ads on Instagram that seemed less than perfect? It’s all about that relatable, authentic vibe. Customers can spot fake content from a mile away. Low-effort content doesn’t shy away from imperfections – choppy edits, candid iPhone photography, pixelated freeze frames, and untidy backgrounds. It’s all part of the charm, creating an unpolished yet carefully crafted appearance that’s authentically appealing.

If your business is still stuck in the past when it comes to social media marketing, let DASH help you rethink your social media strategy.

As you plan your marketing strategies for 2024, consider these content shifts and trends I’ve mentioned here. Stay tuned for more predictions from DASH Content Collective. We’ve got your back when it comes to navigating the ever-changing world of social media!

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