Try these 4 ways to generate content ideas for your business.


by Shannon Hinderberger

When I was employed, my managers would joke that “I saw everything as content!” It’s exactly why I started my own business of content creation as a side hustle in 2010. I do what I do because creating content ideas for your website, videos, and social media are my super power.

When working with new clients or the students we coach on marketing or social media, DASH Content Collective uses several tools to bring at least six months of content ideas for marketing planning purposes to the table.

Try these when you’re stuck for ideas when coming up with content ideas for your blog, social media, and short or long form videos.

For example purposes, I’m going to use the keyword “microblading” to show how easy it is to use these tools. 

Keyword Search Tools

The first place we start for content ideas is with keyword research tools like Wordstream (which is free) or Google’s free keyword tool. SEO keyword search tools ensure we’re using the correct keywords that your audience is searching. 

When we put in “microblading” into a search tool, these were the ideas we were given:

microblading keyword social media content ideas

From this search alone, we came up with at least 10 ideas.

Search Engines & Social Networks

Since you know the correct SEO keywords, you can use that keyword and type it in to get served up phrases and sentences that people are searching in Google, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

When we put in microblading tips into YouTube, these were the ideas we were given:

content ideas for social media from youtube seo bend oregon microblading

From this search alone, we also came up with 10 or more ideas.


A great way to figure out what consumers are searching for is to put your topic into Quora or Reddit and see what people are asking. We use a Quora search to help reverse engineer what people are asking about to then turn around and create messaging around how we solve the problem. 

Same with Reddit! Join a subReddit and see what’s being asked and use that question to build content for your marketing plan.

To view the results for microblading on Quora, click here. From this post alone, I came up with 20 content ideas.

National Days

Using a National Days of the month calendar is a great way to supplement the keyword focused content ideas that were discovered by using keyword search tools. Spend some time going through the days, months, and weeks of each month and write down all the ideas that pertain to your niche.  

For microblading content ideas, capturing days, months, and weeks around spa and beauty would be great contents for blogs, social media, videos, and even sales & specials.

I will add a note of caution on National Day, don’t over use them and only use days that pertain to your business. It drives us crazy when we see a business that doesn’t sell pizza hype on National Pizza Day.

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