At the heart of Dash is intentional marketing. Positioning your brand as a thought leader – we’re here to help build authority and make your brand known for its expertise.

Marketing with meaning is another way to say we work with intention! 

While you can try the latest marketing trend, throwing things against the wall to see what sticks, we prefer to use tested methods. With an arsenal of tools that are proven to work, DASH will get you traction and results with your audience. 

How do we do it? Through social media and content strategy. We start with tackling the gap between what your brand has to offer and what your audience needs to hear.

Small business owners are stressed out enough which is why having the right marketing team is key to getting your brand out in the world and the customers stopping in. 

Enter Dash Content Collective, your fractional marketing team! 

Darlene and Shannon have a combined 30 years of marketing experience. After working on multiple projects together, we decided it was time to make it official. DASH Content Collective was born. 

We are ready to strategize, plan, and execute your marketing to keep your company consistent on social media, email marketing, website content, blogs, branding, design, photography, TikTok, Reels & more. 

We create:

    • Design that always ties back to your brand values and is never just purely decorative, but based in research and design thinking.
    • Photography that is rooted in your brand’s visual look and feel, and showcases your brand and products coming to life!
    • Web and social content that follows brand identity.
    • TikTok, Reels and short-form videos that position your brand in thought leadership
    • We believe (and have seen) that in digital marketing, consistency and trust translates to sales. 
    • Marketing with intention is not a quick fix. This isn’t a “trick” that will get you a short term gain in followers with little else as a result. We focus on a long term strategy that gives you lasting results. 
    • We are here doing the work and the research, collaborating with you to create amazing design and content that resonates with your audience — today and for the long haul.  

Partner with us to see what marketing with meaning can do for your brand.

DASH Content Co.

Marketing, Strategy, Design, UGC and Content


115 NW Oregon Ave, #9, Bend OR 97703

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(458) 202-0886

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Monday - Thursday 9am - 4pm
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