The DASH Brand Voice Guide, now available in our DASH Store

by Darlene Veenhuizen

Have you been following along in our brand voice discussion and you are not sure where to start? Shake off the overwhelm and start to gain clarity with our new digital download. This resource-packed guide is all about finding and using your brand voice to get your customers to like you, buy from you and connect with your brand on an emotional level. 

Why you need this guide:

The DASH Brand Voice Guide, Finding Your Voice, is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even copywriters at a large company – anyone who is doing brand writing or directing creative content. 

Whether you’re just beginning your branding journey, or have been writing copy for your company for awhile, you’ll get valuable insights and concrete steps to refine your brand voice and create consistency in your writing.

What you get when you buy the Brand Voice Guide:

You’ll be close to a clear and consistent brand voice and you’ll start to see the following benefits: 


  • You’ll gain followers and you customers will know, like and trust you 
  • You’ll increase sales because your customers will know what to expect from you (and again, they’ll trust you!)
  • You’ll be able to delegate brand writing to others – and still have it sound spot on 
  • You’ll surprise and delight your customers with writing that showcases your brand – you can connect with customers on an emotional level that goes far beyond the point of purchase


The biggest takeaway? How to connect on a deeper level with your audience, and do it effectively either as a solo brand writer or working within a team.

What’s included:

In this guide, you’ll find the following amazing DASHing resources and worksheets: 

  • A thorough overview of why brand voice matters (in case you need to convince yourself, your boss, or your CFO to hire some help with brand voice!) 
  • Why you should be consistent and pay attention to brand voice
  • 5 brand mistakes – including some famous ones – and a bonus mistake you really don’t want to make!
  • A guide for having a brand voice workshop with a team 
  • Brand voice for small business
  • Worksheets for clarifying your brand voice
  • Brand Voice Profile Summary page that you can share with your team
  • BONUS: “Branded Language” and how to use it effectively
  • BONUS: Maximizing Brand Voice on consumer packaging

Unlock your brand’s potential by leveraging your brand voice with our DASH Brand Voice Guide. Get started today, and see the magic of a well-crafted voice unfold!

This big guide on brand voice is normally $19.

On sale until Friday, 6/2/23 for $12. (Sale ends on 6/2/23 at 11:59pm).

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