The formula for success


by Shannon Hinderberger

When I was doing business as a solopreneur, I learned how important it is to be consistent, especially with marketing your business.

But because executing social media marketing for other small business owners’ brands is my livelihood, sometimes my own company’s marketing efforts were the last to get some love.

In the first nine months of being a social media consultant, I needed a website and to post on social media. I was so focused on getting my business up and running that I barely made it to networking events. And you know what happened?

My business didn’t grow. And I almost threw in the towel.

It was when I was having coffee with another marketing friend when she pointed out that I wasn’t treating myself how I would treat a client.

I needed to build brand awareness around my services in order to build trust and credibility. Brand awareness is vital to any business’s success because it makes it easier for people to find and do business with you. More than anything, I needed consistency. I needed it in my marketing, in my posting, and in my branding. 

Consistency builds trust. Trust is essential in business because people are likely to buy from someone they trust.

The Formula For Success:
Consistency = Trust
Trust = Sales

Another thing that consistency does is keeps your business top of mind to potential customers. It’s easy for people to forget your business if they haven’t heard from you in a while, so staying top of mind is crucial for success, especially in a competitive market.

Here are some tips for getting started with consistent in your social media and marketing: 

Create a Marketing Plan

Creating a marketing plan is the first step to staying consistent with your marketing efforts. Your marketing plan should include your goals, target audience, messaging, marketing channels, and a six-month snapshot of blogs, emails & social media themes to get you started. By creating a plan, you can stay organized and ensure that you are consistently putting out the right message to the right people. When you’re about two months away from completing that plan, start the process for the next six months. Update as needed whenever you add a new product or service!

Schedule & Batch Your Marketing Efforts

Once you have a plan in place, it’s essential to schedule your marketing efforts. Time blocking or using project management tools like Asana can keep you on track and on your way to being more consistent. I used to spend Friday mornings batching, writing, and creating. If you have a lot of clients that do Monday morning meetings, you might find they are quiet at that time and you can focus your attention on your own business. Use this time to create a content calendar, design social media posts, batch video production, and create graphics. Spend time writing out blogs and email marketing campaigns. By scheduling your marketing efforts, you can ensure that you are consistently putting out content and on-brand messaging.

Automate Where Possible

Automation is your friend when it comes to marketing. Use a tool to schedule social media and email service providers to schedule email marketing campaigns. By automating where possible, you can save time and ensure that your marketing efforts are consistent.

Measure Your Results

Measuring your marketing results to see what’s working and what’s not is crucial. Use analytics tools to track your website traffic, social media engagement, and email open rates. By measuring your results, you can adjust your marketing efforts to ensure you are getting the most out of your marketing efforts.

Have Patience

Consistency is vital when it comes to marketing your business. I’ve seen many companies call it quits after one month of executing their plan. Keep at it for the whole six months. I was surprised to get noticed after about 3.5 months of consistency. 

By staying consistent, you can build brand awareness, and trust, stay top of mind, stay competitive, and keep your business relevant. By creating a marketing plan, scheduling your marketing efforts, automating where possible, and measuring your results, you can ensure that your efforts are consistent and effective — and getting noticed!


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