Content marketing is still a long game.
Make these key shifts to gain traction.

by Shannon Hinderberger

At DASH, we firmly believe that content isn’t an overnight success story; it’s a journey that takes time. And when we say time, we’re not talking about mere weeks. We’re talking about committing to six to twelve months of unwavering consistency across various fronts – be it social media, SEO, email marketing, or video content. The moment you let that consistency slip, it’s akin to hitting the reset button on your content marketing plan. It’s not uncommon for us to witness business owners hitting roadblocks, missing deadlines, or even deleting posts – all of which can disrupt your growth trajectory on platforms and with search engines like Google.

Now, let’s talk about the allure of instant virality on social media. It’s a seductive hope, one we all succumb to at times. But here’s a little story from my days as a marketing director at a hotel. We used to pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into yearly print ads in a regional newspaper, often tied to year-long contracts for the best rates. The catch? We had to trust blindly that this investment would translate into ringing phones and internet bookings.

Fast forward to today, with more platforms to post on and SEO becoming increasingly pivotal (even on social media channels like TikTok), the long game just got longer. The savvy business owner recognizes that content marketing isn’t a quick fix; it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So, buckle up, stay consistent, and embrace the journey. Success is a process, and patience is your greatest ally in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

1. Shift content strategy to community-based marketing

Community-based marketing is emerging as a pivotal strategy for 2024. This approach involves brands actively nurturing and managing communities to meet their customers’ and their own needs. It’s a recognition that in a world where traditional marketing is less effective, the power of communities can be harnessed to cut through the noise.

Community-based marketing is a return to the roots of social media, where building communities and fostering meaningful interactions were paramount. It’s a shift away from the impersonal, algorithm-driven social media landscape towards authentic, customer-centric connections. Understanding the emotional continuum, from weak to strong emotional engagement, is key to mastering community-based marketing. At its core, this approach recognizes that communities are not just about brand loyalty; they are about creating a sense of belonging that transcends traditional marketing strategies.

This could be done on social media through channels on Instagram, Facebook groups, or moving customers off social media platforms into gated ones like Slack or Discord. 

Rarely, unless you are Sephora, can you build your forum on your own website and make a success of it, so our advice is to go where the people already are and start there. 

2. Being innovative with your content marketing vs doing what the competitors are doing

The choice between embracing innovation and adhering to your competitors’ strategies is a critical one. It’s a decision that hinges on whether you’re ready to pioneer new, imaginative approaches that captivate your audience or if you prefer the tried-and-tested path of replicating what others have already ventured into. 

Opting for innovation means embarking on uncharted terrain, taking creative leaps, reshaping the conventions of engagement and seeking advice from (ahem) marketing professionals.

Conversely, mirroring your competitors may offer a sense of security, but it also carries the risk of blending into the crowded marketplace, where standing out becomes a formidable challenge. Ultimately, the choice revolves around whether you aim to set trends or merely follow them and how you intend to leave your imprint in the dynamic landscape of content marketing.

3. Social Media and Social Proof in the AI Era

The significance of social media and the concept of social proof is taking center stage. As AI reshapes content creation and becomes a go-to source for information, the craving for authentic human connections intensifies. Incorporating testimonials and reviews on your website and blogs is not just beneficial; it’s essential for credibility.

Social media is far from being obsolete; it is transforming. Its integration with AI is altering how we interact with both the platforms and the content they host. Moreover, the era of ambiguous positions and superficial insights is over. True thought leadership, marked by expertise and confidence, is increasingly valued in video content. It’s about leading the conversation, not just contributing to the background noise. Embrace these changes to stay ahead in the content marketing game.

As content strategists, we can pave the way for distinctive content that sets your brand apart by understanding the intricacies of your industry, audience preferences, and emerging trends. They help you navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, enabling your brand to thrive, connect, and flourish amidst the sea of content noise.

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