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Longer Content lifespan

Maximize content

support a small marketing team

multiple formats = greater impact

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Say goodbye to the content creation hamster wheel with DASH’s Content Repurpose Package. Designed specifically for businesses who are ready to take their content marketing to new heights, this comprehensive package is perfect for those seeking to maximize their reach and boost their online presence.

Does this sound like your marketing?

  • Limited resources and busy schedules make it challenging to consistently create fresh content across multiple platforms.
  • With a multitude of content channels to manage, it becomes overwhelming to maintain a consistent and impactful presence.
  • Small marketing departments or business owners may not have the necessary skills or knowledge to effectively repurpose content across different formats and platforms.
  • Existing content often remains underutilized, leading to missed opportunities to reach a wider audience and generate more leads.
  • Without repurposing content into various formats, it becomes difficult to captivate and engage audiences on different platforms.
  • Brand consistency: Maintaining a cohesive brand image and voice across different content channels can be challenging without a structured repurposing strategy.
  • As the business grows, keeping up with the demand for fresh content becomes more demanding, requiring efficient repurposing techniques.

Our team of expert content strategists and creators will transform your existing content into a wide range of formats tailored to different social media platforms and audiences.

From blog posts and email campaigns to social media graphics, videos, and podcasts, we’ll repurpose your content into compelling and captivating formats that resonate with your target audience.

By repurposing your content, you’ll save valuable time and resources while maximizing your content’s lifespan and visibility. Our strategic approach ensures that every piece of repurposed content maintains its original essence while catering to the specific requirements and preferences of different channels.

Content repurposing includes: 

  • Comprehensive content analysis: We’ll assess your existing content assets and identify opportunities for repurposing.
  • Strategic content planning: Our team will create a customized repurposing strategy to maximize the impact of your content across various platforms.
  • Content repurposing: We’ll transform your content into multiple formats such as blog posts, social media graphics, videos, podcasts, infographics, and more.
  • Platform-specific optimization: Each repurposed piece will be optimized for specific platforms to ensure maximum engagement and reach.
  • Visual and graphic design: Our talented designers will enhance the visual appeal of your repurposed content, making it more eye-catching and shareable.
  • Copywriting and editing: Our expert writers will craft compelling and engaging copy for your repurposed content, ensuring it aligns with your brand voice and resonates with your audience.
  • Cross-promotion strategy: We’ll develop a cross-promotion plan to amplify the reach of your repurposed content across different channels.
  • Analytics and reporting: You’ll receive regular performance reports and insights on the success of your repurposed content, helping you make informed decisions for future content strategies.

The Content Repurposing Package requires a 6-month commitment because it is designed to deliver significant and long-lasting results for small marketing departments and business owners. Repurposing content effectively and consistently requires strategic planning, implementation, and optimization over time. By committing to a 6-month duration, we can ensure a comprehensive and cohesive content repurposing strategy tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Whether you’re a small business owner outsourcing your marketing or a small marketing department in need of a content boost, our Content Repurpose Package will empower you to amplify your message, expand your reach, and drive meaningful engagement with your audience. Experience the transformative power of content repurposing with DASH and elevate your content marketing game today.

Content Repourposing Package

Starts at $2000/month

Content strategy and audit 

SEO friendly content on all social channels

Repurpoing plan and strategy

Multiple platform content optimization, scheduling and posting 

Quarterly reporting

*Requires 6-month commitment and 30-day termination notice*

*Please note that these bullet points provide a general outline, and the specific services offered by content repurposing providers may vary.*

LIKE What you see? 

Find out how we can help you DASH to your goals. 

LIKE What you see? 

Find out how we can help you DASH to your goals. 

Our Clients find us DASHing


Shannon has helped me immensely in my business. My business has completely flourished since Shannon has taken over my digital presence. With a consistent social media presence, my sales quadrupled in a matter of months.

Her team has done phenomenal photography which we’ve used in our marketing and social media. It has been extremely beneficial and has added to the success of my business.

Prakash Organics

“Darlene has been an absolute dream to work with.  We have collaborated on a variety of projects for many years and each time, Darlene is thorough in her understanding of our goals, innovative with new ideas, and timely with deliverables.  She is a true partner!”

Wash With Water

Working with Shannon & her team has been fantastic. We have seen outstanding growth in our social media presence that can’t be matched anywhere!

They are worth every penny, as they got our brand, our voice, and our aesthetic from day one. Cultivating shoots and ideas to make our social media both pop and feel natural is entirely in their wheelhouse!


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