Capitalize on the ROI that email marketing can offer your business. Email more often, with a targeted approach.

by Darlene Veenhuizen

Email Marketing Predictions

This blog should be titled “NO Email marketing is not dead in 2024, but I have resolved to be less sarcastic in 2024. The thing is, I do a lot of convincing around email marketing to small business owners, and I’m on a mission to show that email marketing is one of the simplest, yet most effective, channels businesses should be using.

email marketing

Email marketing in 2024? Yes, here are the numbers to show why: 

Here are a couple quick ones from the Content Marketers at HubSpot: 

There are 4 billion daily email users. This number is expected to climb to 4.6 billion by 2025. (Statista, 2021)

More than 347 billion emails are sent and received each day. (Statista, 2022)

64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach customers. (Campaign Monitor, 2021)

38% of brands are increasing their email budget, and just 10% are making cuts. (HubSpot Blog Research, 2023)

The most effective strategies for email marketing campaigns are subscriber segmentation (78%), message personalization (72%), and email automation campaigns (71%). (HubSpot Blog Research, 2021)

Emails with multimedia elements or formats with images and/or videos have the highest performance. (HubSpot Blog Research, 2023)


To sum it up, email is expected to grow and keep growing. 


DASH believes in the power of email marketing 

DASH believes that businesses are not utilizing the power of email, and we are on a mission to change that. Start sending out regular emails and nurturing a list that is yours; no algorithm can ever take your email list from you. 

The fact is, people use email more than any other communication platform for business. More than even social media, it’s the best way to speak directly to your customers. I love using an email strategy where you email people based on their actions on your site, past product purchases, or other blogs / emails they’ve clicked on in the past. It seems natural, right? Send them an email to check out more of what they like, and it’s easier for them to keep and come back to later if they want to (I hate losing messages on the backend of Instagram or scrolling forever to find that one post I saw an hour ago). 

So now that I’ve convinced you…


here are my predictions for email marketing in 2024: 

More businesses will start email campaigns: 

If you haven’t noticed already, ad money goes little distance these days. With more regulations around ads, we don’t have much faith in them as your main marketing strategy. Email, on the other hand, allows you to continue the conversation with your audience, build a relationship, and increase your brand awareness. If your audience sees you on TikTok, then opens their email after lunch and sees a message from you again, you’ve just imprinted yourself on their minds that much more. 

I predict that because of privacy issues and other restrictions on advertising and tracking, email will become more important to reaching your audience and reminding them you exist. 

Email frequency will increase, as will personalization: 

No, writing twice a month to your list is not enough. Email them one time a week, at a minimum. Another great idea is to send out more frequent emails that are targeted at specific segments of your list.  With AI tools coming along for email segmentation, A/B testing, and super personalization, you can do campaigns like this without sinking all your time digging around in email lists. 

This needs to be more than just “Hi [First Name],” It should lean toward sending people emails that have to do with their interests. Before AI, it was really time-consuming to segment email audiences. Now, there are many tools out there to help with that. 

Email will continue to show it’s ROI faster than other channels: 

The natural link between email and data has always been an attractive benefit of using email. You can point to campaigns, coupon codes, and sales to show links between sending out emails and revenue. Using your Email Service Provider (ESP) you can easily look at how many of your emails were opened, what links were clicked on, and what sales were made. It’s a pretty amazing direct link to show ROI when you think about it! Social media has its strengths for overall brand awareness, but email marketing wins for directly tracking its worth in reporting. Pro tip: do both. 

Email marketing tips: 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, write from first-hand experience, give your audience something they can’t find anywhere else, and only give them one CTA per email. 

That’s right, they only get one button. They either click it or they don’t. The funny thing is, most people like to click buttons. But if they are faced with too many options, they will freeze and then move on to the next thing.

Lastly, get over your fear of “annoying” your customers with too much email, and just hit send! You will get unsubscribes now and again, but you will also get a whole lot more than you bargained for in terms of tracking what your customers like and buy. 

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