“What kind of design do you do?” Answering this  question about design services we offer at DASH.

by Darlene Veenhuizen

As a graphic designer and Creative Director, I get asked this question all the time… clients and friends want to know what graphic design I do and what do we offer at DASH Content Co in terms of design services. 

We offer a lot of design services, including: 

Logo and Brand Design

At DASH we can create logos from scratch, brand systems, brand guidelines and also what we call a “logo glow-up” which is a refresh of a current logo or brand. This process is about 4-6 weeks, includes a research phase, sketching/mood boards, up to 4 rounds of design and then several variations and color combinations of the final logo. It also includes a brand guidelines PDF which specifies colors, typeography, photo style and other elements that you can choose such as icon style or useage of patterns and social media styles. 

DASH content co Darlene Veenhuizen Logo Samples design work

Social media graphics

This is how your brand lives and breathes in the social media world! Social media is more and more important, and the tactics for execution on this platform at changing. One thing shouldn’t change: the design essence of your brand. Use social media as a way to create consistency in branding, messaging and show off your brand’s personality! 

Common hang ups people have when creating social media posts is that they either don’t have “pretty” pictures, or they don’t have a graphic that is ready to go. Does this sound like you? You don’t have time to create a graphic or don’t know the first thing about what to post for a visual. DASH creates social templates for you in a platform like Canva or similar, that is easy to access and easy to update. 

But whatever you do, don’t resort to Canva templates that don’t follow your brand guidelines!

Social media graphics DASH content co social media design

Video graphics and style guidance: 

Graphic videos have gotten more accessible to create and they are trending right now. They are a fun way to let your brand come to life and really invoke emotion in a brand. 

Using video styles that feel like your brand is important. We start with colors and fonts, and then layer in effects and music that match the vibe. Video is where it’s at, so get into it! Your audience will love it.

Layout and print design

I live and breathe layouts. I use them everyday, in everything I design. I play with hierarchy (what do I want my audience to read first, second, last) and how do the elements best work with each other. Layout is used in so many areas of design, and it’s one of the most important aspects of my work.

Klean Kanteen spread layout design 2022

Digital design

Digital design is more often where I spend the most time these days. I have experience doing ads, digital publications, social media graphics, of course, and website design. We now partner with a web developer to deliver custom designed websites that have been front-end designed by me. 

DASH Content Collective website design

Large scale, OOH, and signs

Designing for large scale signs or graphics is a bit of a beast all it’s own! Lettering has to be given special attention, the larger it gets the easier it is to spot bad typography (more on that in a minute). With larger projects, extra attention must be paid to setting up the file correctly, balancing resolution and viewing distance with file size, and just making sure it’s all correct! I have experience with all of this, as well as working with vendors to ensure everything prints the way you want it to. 

The Avenue sign DASH Content Co Design

Vehicle graphics and wraps

Take design on the go! I love doing vehicle wraps or graphics for food trucks. There are so many opportunities to really make a visual impact and there are fun details you can include that add so much brand personality. 

But here’s my unique take on design: design should be intentional visual elements that add layers of meaning 

A lot of designers will dress things up to be “pretty” and while I love the pure aesthetic of something, I’m all about the deeper meaning. I am very interested in making sure that your brand looks unique and stands out from your competitors, and that your customer remembers you and is engaged with your brand through design. 

Design Specialties:

Typography: This is designerspeak for saying FONTS! 

At Oregon State University, my alma mater, the design program focused on type. They are known for churning out designers that really know their stuff about type and they make us develop a keen eye for it. So you’ll see that when you work with me, I’m a stickler for widows, orphans, rag, and kerning. 

typography DASH cotent collective

Illustration: I do love illustration, but I don’t necessarily call myself an illustrator. I’ve done many custom icons, illustrations and quirky sketches both for clients and on my own. In fact, almost every design for a new logo project starts with a sketch in my sketchbook. 

See illustration example here.

Photography: I specialize in product photography and using products with models in a way that keeps my photos product forward. DASH also works with other photographers to make sure we are always putting the brand and client needs first. We love coming up with photo styles and always pay special attention to photography.

prakash organics product photography
Avid Cider product photography DASH content collective

Logo Design: These are really fun projects and have the chance to really make a mark on the world! Logo design is a detailed process that I’ll outline in another blog, but my process is sure to get you a stellar logo that is unique to you. From the initial creative inspiration, to the market research, to the final files you need to start putting together your website, my logo clients love working with me and are always in love with the results. 

Package Design: This is such a fun aspect of graphic design that I really love doing. I love working on package design projects to help products stand out on the shelf or in an online store. Package design has a process similar to logo design, I always start out with gathering inspiration and doing research to make sure your brand is differentiated from your competitors. We also look at brand voice and how that can really come to life on a package! I have a lot of experience working with printers, sending designs to print and working with other team members to see a product come to life. 

DASH Content Collective Packaging designer Bend Or creative agency

Creative Direction: Oh the joy of a good mood board! At DASH, I’m excellent at creating the direction and asking others to execute or tapping the right folks on the shoulder for a particular execution of a style we are looking for. I relish the opportunity to creatively collaborate and often find that when you have the right people in the room, 1+1=3 if you know what I mean. The outcome becomes better than even I imagined. 

If you are looking for design support in any of these areas, or seeking out someone to take your brand and make it sing, contact DASH Content Co and ask for a quote on design services. We will make your brand look amazing!

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