Ask the experts: What’s your favorite tip for staying consistent in your marketing?


by Shannon Hinderberger

Shannon Hinderberger Social Media expert Bend Oregon

Shannon Hinderberger

Use a project management tool! Asana is free and super helpful in keeping our team consistent with the marketing for our clients and our business as well. If it’s not in ASANA, it doesn’t get done.

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katie malone content hacks social media marketing agency bend oregon
Katie Casillas, Casillas Media & Consulting

Besides time-blocking (I use Google Calendar and it pings me on my Apple Watch), and templates, I recommend using tools like and to help you repurpose content you’ve already created so you don’t feel like you always have to come up with something fresh and new. I also recommend you get in the habit of taking pictures and “b-roll” video of your everyday life and behind the scenes so that you have a nice repository of creative assets ready to go at all times.

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Shelley Webb

Create a brand guide for your business and keep it front of mind when creating your content or outsourcing anything that requires on-brand marketing. You can find templates for this in Canva. 

I block an hour every day to post and respond to engagement on my various platforms. I also block my entire Monday and half of Friday for creative work because it may take me several minutes just to get into a creative zone.

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marketing expert creative director bend or DASH content co

Darlene Veenhuizen

I really struggle to meet deadlines unless I have external accountability. As a solo-prenure, I started telling others that I was creating a blog, a podcast episode, or a free guide, and then I felt like I HAD to do it. No putting it off! If you are motivated by accountability, gather a small tribe of people that can check in with you about your marketing goals, and then set a weekly time to meet about your progress. Even just a quick text from a friend asking how I’m doing on my goals is enough to kick me into gear

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Jordin Jewell, West Loop Soul

Block time on your calendar to stay consistent! For example, you may put a 10 minute block on your calendar every morning to engage on social media while you drink your coffee. Put a one hour block one day a week to create a handful of social media content.  Block two hours every other week to write a blog post. Once a month, block a timeframe to create your monthly email newsletter. I think you get the idea!

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Tianna Winters Social Media
Tianna Winters, TW Media

Know the difference between consistency and frequency. Frequency is how often you’re posting and consistency is when you actually stick to that schedule. 

This does not mean you have to post every single day! Be realistic and commit to an actual schedule. If that looks like 2-3 posts a week, then so be it. Showing up online regularly helps build up your community because your audience knows that you’re showing up on a regular basis. The best way to do this is to create a content creation day each week. Block out a certain amount of time to plan, create and edit your posts ahead of time. Remember that you are not just the boss – you’re the PR team, the graphic designer, the marketing team, customer service etc. Making an appointment for yourself each week and staying committed to that time slot is important for you and the success of your online presence.

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maddi jura social media expert

Maddi Jura, Holly and Terra Design Co.

If you are struggling to stay consistent with posting, schedule your content ahead of time! Apps like Planoly, Meta Business Suite and Later are all great resources. If you are not able to find the time every day to post, set aside a couple of hours to plan and schedule your feed posts for that month. Use story posts organically to update your followers in real time.

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