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The Set Up

Humm Kombucha needed to serve their national audience with creative content centered around their brand ethos: We’re having a party and everyone’s invited.

Here’s where we DASH in…

Humm Kombucha contracted with Darlene to produce high-quality blog content and photography. Darlene stepped in and worked with Humm for a period of over 2 years to create custom recipes using all the original 6 Humm Kombucha flavors, branded photography that featured the Humm Kombucha product, and a collection of styled product shots that could be used in ads and campaigns.

Why we’re DASHing

Web traffic and blog views increased, and all the blogs were shared on social media, which also increased social engagement with their audience. The marketing team was supported with design and content resources that are still being used in campaigns today.

“When collaborating with Darlene, she brings value in many places – especially – conceptual planning and execution. She takes great initiative, always sharing something she has read or a podcast she recently listened to, and this lends itself to an exceptional process geared toward a well rounded finished product. When executing, she ensures clarity and alignment prior to delivering on time and within scope. Anything from writing to photography, to layout and design is well within her wheelhouse.”

-Mike Beshore, Humm Kombucha, Sales and Marketing, Project Manager

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