Shannon represents DASH at the META Small Business Summit for a third year

by shannon hinderberger

In the bustling heart of Washington, DC, amidst the echoes of policymaking and the rhythm of innovation, the META Small Business Summit was held during Small Business Week.

As a proud member of META’s Leaders Network since 2021, this marked my third trip to the nation’s capital, where small business owners converge to amplify their voices and shape the future of entrepreneurship.

DASH Content Collective was one of six small businesses represented from Oregon —out of 200 nationwide and the only business representing Central and Eastern Oregon.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, contributing 70% of new job creation. This statistic is underscored by the resilience and innovation witnessed, especially after the tumultuous era of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the Summit, poignant questions reverberated through the halls: What challenges do small business owners grapple with, from healthcare to housing, inflation to ensuring a living wage for their employees? As advocates for change and masters of pivoting, we must articulate these concerns, not just amongst ourselves but to those who wield the power to effectuate meaningful change.

National Small Business Week and the META Summit serve as timely touchpoints for administrations and lawmakers to engage in conversations about the pressing issues faced by entrepreneurs across the nation. It’s not just another conference; it’s a platform to connect, influence, and advocate for policies that foster an environment conducive to small business growth.

At the heart of our discussions was the recognition that new job growth begins with small business owners. Personalized advertising is a potent tool to drive website traffic, enabling us to compete on a level playing field with larger businesses. META’s advertising platform, for instance, empowers small businesses to strategically target their audience, leveling the marketing landscape. 

One big thing on our minds as digital marketers is looming legislation around the American Privacy Act, which could have damaging repercussions for small businesses, taking away that equalizing factor when competing against larger businesses. 

Another emerging topic was Apple’s 30% charge on transactions made through iOS apps. This charge, often dubbed the “Apple Tax,” affects developers who distribute their apps through the Apple App Store. Essentially, Apple takes a 30% cut of revenue generated from in-app purchases and subscriptions.

The debate around this fee is multifaceted. Apple argues that it is necessary to cover the costs of maintaining the App Store infrastructure and ensuring security. However, many developers, especially smaller ones, feel the fee is too high and significantly reduces their profits.

By elevating our voices and advocating for policies that champion entrepreneurship, we fortify the foundations upon which our businesses thrive.

DASH was grateful to be part of these conversations and emphasizes that the META Small Business Summit serves as more than a mere congregation of entrepreneurs; it’s a crucible of ideas, a nexus of advocacy, and a testament to small businesses’ resiliency. 

As we chart our course forward, remember that our voices matter, our actions resonate, and our collective strength shapes tomorrow’s economy.

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