30-Day Money Challenge

Free to join – starts July 17th – join anytime over the next 30 days

Join us for our mindset challenge over the next 30 days, starting mid-July. We will be sharing live in our Facebook group and asking you to join us!

You might be thinking: 

“Wait, you’re not money experts?”

Correct, we are not…

But we struggle as a business with this topic and discovered that many of you do as well!

Enter Violette de Ayala’s 30-Day Money Journal to attract wealth! Violette is the founder of Fem City and one of Shannon’s mentors.

Violette is a pragmatic storyteller who weaves her successes as a female entrepreneur, mother of 3, her past fears, and her challenges into life lessons through personal anecdotes in her 30 Day Money Journal.  She has been quoted in Success, Forbes, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, MarieClaire, Entrepreneur, CNBC, Fast Company, MSN, Women Entrepreneur, Daily Mail UK, Yahoo Small Business, Food52, MSNBC, The Good Men Project, U.S. News and has been interviewed on Good Morning America, Daily Mail UK and BBC.

Instead of doing this Money Journal on our own, we thought we’d invite the community to work with us!

How to join the challenge:

1. Purchase the Money Journal


Violette’s Money Journal is designed to help you dive deep into your money mindset. It has tips for growing wealth, money mantras, and how to use the guide to attract wealth. 

Use our affiliate link below to purchase the journal so you can follow along! (Disclaimer: we will get a small kickback on each purchase, but it’s at no extra cost to you!)

2. Join Our Community 

Make sure you are part of our DASH Business Community to get notified when we are going LIVE and to comment your own Money Mindset thoughts as you feel comfortable doing so! We’d love to hear from you along the way. 


3. Starting July 17th, Join Us and Watch Us When We Go Live

Here’s how this is going to work:

We are going to be going live everyday, M-F in the DASH Business Community. We’ll do this until August 15th and we plan on doing 2 entries on Mondays and 2 entries on Tuesdays to catch up from the weekend. 


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