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Trust the process. 

As a Fractional Marketing team, we sometimes sit in meetings with potential clients and they ask us if they can only have a part of what we do, rather than invest in the Marketing Plan and Website audit that we do as part of every clients onboarding process. We hear things like: 

…Can we just get a logo?

…Can you just post for us 3-5 times a week?

…Can we just get a facelift on our website? 

…Can we just get new photos? 


Yes, you totally can. But, we don’t recommend it.

Why? Because acting on just one of these things will mean that you are not purposefully planning out your strategy behind any of them. And we’d be willing to make a bet that you won’t see the results you want if you skip through our process. 

Here’s why we want to encourage you to trust our process:  

We start with a marketing plan as well as an audit to your existing website and social media pages. This is so that we can see what you are doing now, and what results you are currently getting. We need this to start with a baseline and understand how our efforts will affect your numbers (and so you can see the results we are getting, too!) 

A marketing and content plan is always our step one because we need to have that purposeful, mindful and meaningful roadmap to understand where we want to go, and how we are going to get there. Creating a marketing and content strategy for you is at the core of everything we do. We don’t recommend skipping this step! 

Without it, clients flounder, results fizzle out, and everyone ends up frustrated. But with it? With a plan, we see results, we have purpose to what we are doing and creating for you, and you get results with less money in the end. 

What do you get in the marketing and content plan?


The Marketing and Content Strategy Plan is a document that we will reference and update the rest of our time working together. We put notes, research and metrics as well as brainstorm topics we think your brand should be talking about and sharing. We also ask you to contribute to the brainstorming and research phase, and typically we’ll meet with clients anywhere from 2-4 hours total to work on this document together. 

What comes after the plan? 


Content creation!  We start executing the Plan in the form of writing content, designing graphics, shooting video and taking photos.

What about design work, photography and videos? 

We will do design work, product photography and short-form video work outside of having a Marketing Plan, but it’s essential that we sit down with you and understand your goals for these creative projects. With design work, we will request to see your Brand Guidelines, for example, and if that’s something you don’t have yet, we can help. 

When do we start to see results? 

See our FAQs page, but here’s the short answer: Results on social media, on your website and in your sales will take time. This growth may feel slow, but it’s meaningful. This is not a “gain 10K followers today, lose 9K tomorrow.” We work to get you in front of the right audience and to achieve sustainable results. That doesn’t happen overnight, that happens with consistently showing up for your audience. 

Partner with us to see what marketing with meaning can do for your brand.

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