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The Set Up

Prakash Organics is a top-rated seller on Etsy and has grown to now be on Squarespace. A natural skin care oil company, they needed to increase and refine their social media presence and showcase their company story and products with new photography.

Here’s where we DASH in…

Shannon works with Prakash Organics to create consistent and engaging social media content that strives to educate first, and offer help to those struggling with skincare issues. From testimonials to inspiring quotes to informative videos that offer a ton of value to their audience. Darlene worked with Shannon and Prakash Organics to create a suite of product photos, both styled for social media and product shots ideal for maximizing sales online. Darlene and Prakash Organics have also been worked on packaging redesign and expanding the product line.

Why we’re DASHing

Prakash Organics has seen 300% increase in followers and 150% increase in product sales since using our services.

“Shannon and Darlene have helped me immensely in my business. My business has completely flourished since Shannon has taken over my digital presence. I went from making $2,000 in sales a month to $14,000 in sales a month because of the continuous repetitive posting on my digital channels. Darlene has done phenomenal photography which we’ve used in our marketing and social media so both of their services have been extremely beneficial and have added to the success of my business.”

-Hari Prakash, Prakash Organics, Owner

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