Implement a content strategy that will get you ranked on Google

by Shannon Hinderberger

As fierce and fabulous small business owners and entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of continuously enhancing our online presence. Your websites deserve nothing less than fresh, captivating content on a regular basis. 

Why, you ask? Because Google loves trendsetters, and frequent updates keep us on the search engine’s A-list. This is where most small businesses owner fail with their SEO. They think it’s a one and done. The business owner who updates their website at least twice a month will move up the Google rankings. Your website isn’t a crock pot. Don’t set it and forget it. Consistency is key in building trust with our audience, and trust forms the foundation of any successful empire.  

But where do you start? Here are three places to start building 12 week content plan.

1. Leverage the power of commonly asked questions. These FAQs serve as breadcrumbs leading us to the most sought-after content ideas. By creating a go-to guide that addresses these questions with panache, we can provide valuable information while establishing ourselves as thought leaders and build Google Authority.

2. Website forums such as Quora and Discord are digital watering holes brimming with juicy tidbits and chit-chat. Monitoring these forums helps us tap into customers’ wants and needs, providing us with valuable content ideas. By keeping an eye out for hot topics and buzzing questions, we can create content that resonates and sparks conversations.

3. Google Trends acts as an online oracle, revealing what’s hot, trending, and relevant to our fierce femme followers. By exploring the search terms and topics that have our ideal audience buzzing, we can ride the wave of what’s in vogue. Google Trends helps us discover trending topics, allowing our websites to shine with fresh and irresistible content.

To tie it all together, let’s create a simple marketing strategy that incorporates our content ideas and aligns with our goals. By establishing a clear plan of action, we can execute our content strategy with purpose and confidence. As fierce entrepreneurs, we are ready to dominate the digital world with our authority and thought leadership.

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