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At DASH Content Collective, we understand the immense potential that User-Generated Content (UGC) holds in shaping authentic brand narratives and connecting with audiences on a deeper level. Our comprehensive UGC management services streamline the process, allowing you to harness the full potential of user-generated content while minimizing the associated complexities.

DASH Content Collective is a marketing agency located in Bend, Oregon that offers done-for-you marketing services including social media, brand identity & logo design for products and services, photography, social video, and digital marketing services like email marketing, SEO driven content for your website, like blogs.  

As your dedicated UGC management partner, we handle an array of critical tasks to ensure a seamless and productive UGC campaign:

  1. Creative Brief Development: Collaboratively crafting the Creative Brief in close collaboration with you, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your campaign objectives.
  2. Advertisement Creation: Designing and producing compelling talent call advertisements tailored to your campaign, which we post on reputable platforms like Backstage.
  3. Ad Posting Fee: Covering the costs associated with posting the talent call advertisement on Backstage, reducing your administrative burden.
  4. Talent Liaison: Serving as the primary point of contact for the talented individuals participating in your campaign, ensuring clear communication and smooth coordination.
  5. Talent Recruitment and Vetting: Methodically sourcing, hiring, and thoroughly vetting talent to ensure they align seamlessly with your campaign’s requirements and values.
  6. Content Oversight: Vigilantly reviewing all videos and content created by talent, offering our approval, and providing further guidance as needed. We expertly manage edits and revisions, ensuring the content aligns perfectly with your vision.
  7. Contract Management: Efficiently handling the contractual aspect of the engagement, ensuring all necessary agreements are signed by the talent.
  8. Payment Facilitation: Seamlessly connecting you with talent for payment processing, streamlining financial transactions.
  9. Project Management: Skillfully managing deadlines and the entire content creation process, from ideation to execution.
  10. Influencer Outreach: Leveraging our extensive expertise, we engage specific influencers who perfectly align with your campaign’s brief, directly through your social media accounts.

Choose our dedicated team to enhance your brand’s online presence, build relationships, and drive growth.

In partnering with DASH Content Collective for UGC management, you gain a trusted ally dedicated to unleashing the full potential of user-generated content and keeping it seamless within your business.

Contact us today to embark on your journey of
authentic audience engagement through UGC.

UGC Portfolio:

UGC Management 

Starts at $3000/month

Up to 5 hours / week of UGC creative management and project management.

We work with brands directly or subcontract with other Creative Agencies. 

Working with talent, giving creative direction, managing contracts, deadlines and payments.


*Requires 6-month commitment and 30-day termination notice*

LIKE What you see? 

Find out how we can help you DASH to your goals. 

LIKE What you see? 

Find out how we can help you DASH to your goals. 

Our Clients find us DASHing


Shannon has helped me immensely in my business. My business has completely flourished since Shannon has taken over my digital presence. With a consistent social media presence, my sales quadrupled in a matter of months.

Her team has done phenomenal photography which we’ve used in our marketing and social media. It has been extremely beneficial and has added to the success of my business.

Prakash Organics

“Darlene has been an absolute dream to work with.  We have collaborated on a variety of projects for many years and each time, Darlene is thorough in her understanding of our goals, innovative with new ideas, and timely with deliverables.  She is a true partner!”

Wash With Water

Working with Shannon & her team has been fantastic. We have seen outstanding growth in our social media presence that can’t be matched anywhere!

They are worth every penny, as they got our brand, our voice, and our aesthetic from day one. Cultivating shoots and ideas to make our social media both pop and feel natural is entirely in their wheelhouse!


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