Introducing the DASH VIP Supercharged Brainstorming Session and Mini Retreat!

An exclusive experience that will reframe your marketing strategy in one day

Mini 1-day retreat

Marketing Strategy

Clarify your audience

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When you feel like you are floundering and need to recalibrate your marketing strategy, DASH has a perfect experience for you and your team: VIP Marketing Brainstorming Session. You can supercharge your strategy and get centered on your vision when you book this 1-day session with us.

Does this sound like you?

  • Unsure about reaching your target audience and making more sales.
  • You need an overall marketing strategy and plan aligned with your goals.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with marketing and content creation.
  • Know you need to delegate, but not sure how or what. 
  • You need clarity on your company’s vision and the next phase of your business.
  • Struggling with marketing your offers effectively across various channels.
  • You know you need a new strategy for email marketing, social media, and other channels.
  • You dream of having a six month plan for content.
  • You are struggling to understand your ideal audience and reach them effectively.
  • You want to engage with stakeholders such as advertisers, customers, and employees.
  • You need with articulating your strategy for ads and offers.
  • Your branding is all over the place and you are using a million Canva templates.
  • You want launch plans that don’t make you crazy and clarity in your sales pitches.

Join us for an exclusive experience design to supercharge your strategy, clarify your goals, and maximize your sales potential. Our intensive brainstorming session is all about diving deep into your business, identifying key areas for growth, and mapping out a tailored plan to reach your target audience effectively.

During the session, we’ll guide you through a comprehensive agenda packed with valuable insights and actionable steps. From understanding your vision and sales cycle to refining your offers and identifying your ideal customers, we leave no stone unturned in creating a solid foundation for success. Together, we’ll explore various aspects of your business, including marketing, messaging, design, and content planning.

By the end of the session, you’ll receive a comprehensive deliverable that encompasses your overall marketing strategy. This includes a company snapshot, an ideal customer overview, and a breakdown of key action steps to align your strategy with your goals. Additionally, we’ll provide detailed suggestions for refining your messaging, enhancing design elements, and creating a content plan for the next six months.


Benefits of booking a VIP day with DASH include:

  • Supercharge your strategy: Gain valuable insights, clarity, and guidance to take your business to the next level.
  • Maximize sales potential: Identify key areas for growth and create a tailored plan to effectively reach your target audience.
  • Comprehensive agenda: Dive deep into your business, covering essential aspects such as vision, sales cycle, offers, and ideal customers.
  • Solid foundation for success: Receive a comprehensive deliverable with an overall marketing strategy, company snapshot, and ideal customer overview.
  • Actionable steps: Get detailed suggestions for refining messaging, enhancing design elements, and creating a content plan for the next six months.
  • Expert guidance: Benefit from the expertise of the DASH team to refine your strategy, marketing, messaging, and content planning.
  • Revamp your business: Unlock the potential to make a significant impact in your industry and propel your business forward.
  • Exclusive opportunity: Join a limited, exclusive experience designed to provide intensive support and insights.
  • Save time and effort: Get focused attention and guidance during the VIP Day, allowing you to delegate tasks and focus on what you love in your business.
  • Rejuvenate and recharge: Take part in a mini retreat that combines valuable brainstorming sessions with relaxation and rejuvenation.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to gain invaluable insights and revamp your business strategy. Join us for the DASH VIP Supercharged Brainstorming Session and Mini Retreat and unlock the potential to make a significant impact in your industry. 

Reserve your spot now and get ready to propel your business forward like never before!

Click the button below and ask to schedule a VIP day. 

VIP Brainstorming Session

Starts at $3500

Intensive all day, in-person brainstorming session

Deep dive into your business, your vision, your ideal responsibilities, and overview of all your offers/products/launches. 

Identitfying your target audience(s) and how to reach them effectively.

Audit of your messaging, campaigns and visual branding. 

Social media review and strategy.

Ad campaign strategy.

Lunch & refreshments are included. VIP Session is typically from 9:30am – 3:30pm at the DASH Office in Bend, OR. 

LIKE What you see? 

Find out how we can help you DASH to your goals. 

LIKE What you see? 

Find out how we can help you DASH to your goals. 

Our Clients find us DASHing


Shannon has helped me immensely in my business. My business has completely flourished since Shannon has taken over my digital presence. With a consistent social media presence, my sales quadrupled in a matter of months.

Her team has done phenomenal photography which we’ve used in our marketing and social media. It has been extremely beneficial and has added to the success of my business.

Prakash Organics

“Darlene has been an absolute dream to work with.  We have collaborated on a variety of projects for many years and each time, Darlene is thorough in her understanding of our goals, innovative with new ideas, and timely with deliverables.  She is a true partner!”

Wash With Water

Working with Shannon & her team has been fantastic. We have seen outstanding growth in our social media presence that can’t be matched anywhere!

They are worth every penny, as they got our brand, our voice, and our aesthetic from day one. Cultivating shoots and ideas to make our social media both pop and feel natural is entirely in their wheelhouse!


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